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How do I know when it is time for a checkup?

Our office adheres to the American Dental Association’s recommendation that all people with good oral health visit the dentist for a checkup and professional dental cleaning every six months. In some cases, more frequent checkups and cleanings are necessary. We will schedule your next visit before you leave your appointment, so you’ll know exactly when to come see us again. Since six months is a long time, we’ll also contact you to remind you about your visit about a week prior to the appointment.

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Do I need X-rays?

To provide optimal care, we take bitewing X-rays once a year and a panoramic X-ray every three years. Because we use a digital system, our patients are exposed to about 80-percent less radiation than with a traditional radiograph. X-rays and intraoral photographs help us track your oral health and address problems early, when conservative dentistry can correct most issues. If you haven't had a checkup and X-rays in a while, call us for an appointment.

What do you do to maintain a safe and sterilized environment?

Your safety is important to us, so we sterilize our reusable instruments in an autoclave and use disposable products as often as possible. Each of our treatment rooms is cleaned thoroughly between patient visits. We adhere to guidelines set by the CDC and OSHA and perform weekly tests on our sterilization equipment.

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My gums bleed after I brush. Is this something to be concerned about?

Bleeding is usually a sign of a problem. When gums bleed, the cause usually stems from the patient brushing too hard or from early-stage gum disease, called gingivitis. We can consult with you on the proper toothbrush and pressure for safe, effective daily oral care. If your gums show signs of gum disease, we may recommend a deep hygiene treatment to stop the disease and return your gums to good health. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for American adults, and it has been linked to many overall health conditions, including stroke, heart attack, and respiratory problems. Untreated, gum disease can escalate to create significant damage to your health, so call for an assessment now. We will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for life!

What is nitrous oxide? Is it safe?

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is chemical compound that’s often called laughing gas. Delivered through a facemask, nitrous oxide dulls the senses and helps a person relax. It was first used in 1790 as an inhalant, and has been used since the 1840s in the US. Nitrous oxide is safe in the doses we administer to dental patients. One major benefit of nitrous oxide is that once we stop the flow of the gas, the patient’s senses return almost immediately. You can drive home from your dental visit and return to normal daily activities.

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I’ve been snoring for years and haven’t noticed any problems, why should I be concerned?

Snoring is a sign that you’re not breathing properly, and may cause serious risks to your health. One out of eight people who snore have sleep apnea, a serious medical condition that increases risks of heart attack and stroke. Individuals with sleep apnea don’t realize it, but while they sleep oxygen flow to the brain and heart stops completely for up to ten seconds. This can cause serious damage to the body, in addition to causing daytime drowsiness and irritability.

I have been told that I grind my teeth while I sleep, and/or I clench my teeth a lot. Is this harmful?

Absolutely. Grinding and clenching teeth actually has a name; the condition is called bruxism. It can cause tooth wear and damage, like cracked and chipped teeth. These problems lead to pain and can also negatively affect how your upper and lower teeth fit together, which is known as occlusion. When occlusion is off, the jaw joints, or TMJ joints, can become stressed, which may lead to additional pain problems. Instead of dealing with all of these potential problems, let us create a custom oral appliance to stop your bruxism. Simply wear the appliance while you sleep or when you tend to grind your teeth. If you experience pain or occlusion problems, we can restore your teeth and bite, as well. Call today for a consultation!

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